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Battle Ready
Munitions Grade - Gallowglass Sword - AH3418-MG
Gallowglass Sword
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This ‘’Munitions Grade” item is not up to our normal high standards. Munitions grade items will typically have various bends or twists in the blades, basically rendering them as 2nds quality. These items are still a great choice for collecting and re-enacting and functional pieces will still be functional. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Feared and respected, the Gallowglass were the professional men-at-arms of an Irish Chieftain. They formed a stable pillar of heavy armor and fearsome weaponry in the typically lightly-equipped Irish medieval and Renaissance forces. Gallowglass is an anglicisation of gaelic gallóglaigh - meaning ‘’ foreign, young warriors.’’ The original Gallowglass were mercenaries, most hailing from the Scottish Gaelic-Norse clans who had been dispossessed of their lands during the various Wars of Scottish Independence. These landless noblemen and their clansmen brought their skills and expensive, well-crafted equipment in their flight into Ireland and Irish chieftains recognized their value, granting them lands, employment and rights to local supplies in return for seasonal military expertise. Many chieftains employed Gallowglass as their bodyguards, since these men of foreign lands and clans were unconnected to the inter-clan intrigues and feuds of Ireland, in time, many talented Irish Gaels would also find employ as Gallowglass alongside a steady stream of foreign Scots. They first appear in Ireland in 1259, their purported numbers increasing into the several thousands in the early-16th century. They would see use until mid 17th century, when the proliferation of gunpowder weapons would make obsolete the role of the heavy shock infantryman. The presence of the Gallowglass changed Irish history, for their military prowess was instrumental in bringing the Norman invasion of Ireland to a standstill, for such well-equipped, professional warriors were required to match the famously martial Normans. Even the Norman lords of Ireland would, in time, employ their own Gallowglass.

The Gallowglass usually wore chainmail over padded armor with a steel helmet. Their two trademark weapons were the Sparth Axe - a likely holdover from their distant Scandinavian ancestry, and the large, two handed swords reminiscent of the Scots Claymore. A Gallowglass would typically be accompanied into battle by two young boys, one to carry his throwing spears and another with his personal provisions in tow.

This Gallowglass sword, by Deepeeka is a large two handed sword in the Irish style with its iconic ring pommel. The blade is of high carbon steel. The hilt and pommel are of steel and the grip is wrapped in tight, brown leather.

Although ''battle ready'' by virtue of the type of steel and construction, Deepeeka's swords are very thick and quite blade heavy. As a result they can be very difficult to sharpen into good cutting swords. They are better suited to display, collecting and reenactment.

Overall Length: 54 1/2'' Blade: 41 7/8''
Add Sharpening $35 (Adds Approx. 1 Week to Ship Time)

Retail Price: $205.00

Weight: 6 lb 5.8 oz
Edge: Blunt
P.O.B.: 9 1/8''
Thickness: 5 mm - 4.7 mm
Width: 63.9 mm
Grip Length: 8 5/8''
Pommel: Peened

Gallowglass Sword Gallowglass Sword Gallowglass Sword
Gallowglass Sword Gallowglass Sword
Gallowglass Sword

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