Cold Steel
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Munitions Grade - Cold Steel - English Backsword - CS88SEB-MG
Cold Steel - English Backsword
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This ‘’Munitions Grade” item is not up to our normal high standards. Munitions grade items will typically have various bends or twists in the blades, basically rendering them as 2nds quality. These items are still a great choice for collecting and re-enacting and functional pieces will still be functional. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

This English Backsword is fitted with a blade of sharpened 1055 high carbon steel. The steel hilt has been treated with a darkened, antiqued finish. The grip is faux rayskin inlaid with twisted steel wire. The scabbard is of leather and finished with an antiqued steel chape and locket.

’’What a brave weapon is short sharp light sword, to carry, to draw, to be nimble withal, to strike, to cut, to thrust both strong and quick.’’ - George Silver, from his ‘’Paradoxes of Defense’’ - 1599

The Elizabethan George Silver was a major proponent of the English backsword in lieu of the rapier. Though he was quite familiar and able with the rapier, he preferred the cut-and-thrust versatility of the backsword over the thrust-oriented rapier and he extolled it as a weapon suitable for street self-defense and the battlefield over the rapier which was optimized for the duel, but unsuitable for the battlefield. He even called it a dangerous weapon because it could not offer enough protection to its user.

Silver believed that the swordsman should be paired with a weapon and a fighting system suitable for all situations, instead of focusing one’s efforts into gentlemanly duels at the expense of other, more practical martial applications.

Silver extolled the virtues of native English swordsmanship over the fashionable swordsmanship of the rapier duellists from Italy who taught duelling in England at the time. He prove their methods impractical and inferior he once challenged Italian fencing master Vincentio Saviolo to a duel with a variety of weapons in a public event. Though Silver and his students drummed up much publicity for the event, Saviolo himself did not appear.

Cold Steel’s English Backsword has a well-tapered blade well-suited for both cutting and thrusting. It can hack decisively whilst maintaining a notable degree of practical agility. The mortuary-style hilt provides excellent protection for the hand and the tempered blade is thick and flexible enough to capably parry even the harder-hitting swords of the Elizabethan battlefield whilst keeping the thrusting agility needed to ensure it is a capable dueling and self-defense blade.

Overall Length: 39'' Blade: 32 1/8''

Retail Price: $399.99

Weight: 2 lb 7.3 oz
Edge: Sharp
P.O.B.: 3 1/4''
Thickness: 4 mm - 2.3 mm
Width: 34.4 mm
Grip Length: 4 1/8''
Pommel: Nut

Cold Steel - English BackswordCold Steel - English BackswordCold Steel - English Backsword
Cold Steel - English BackswordCold Steel - English BackswordCold Steel - English Backsword
Cold Steel - English BackswordCold Steel - English Backsword

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