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Munitions Grade - Viking Bearded Axe - LB25333-MG
Viking Bearded Axe
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This ‘’Munitions Grade” item is not up to our normal high standards. Munitions grade items will typically have various bends or twists in the blades, basically rendering them as 2nds quality. These items are still a great choice for collecting and re-enacting and functional pieces will still be functional. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

This Viking Bearded Axe is hand-forged into form from high carbon steel to have a broad striking edge coupled with a flat striking hammer on its reverse. It is mounted onto a stout haft of solid hickory hardwood. The axe can be used for throwing and should you require it we do sell replacement hickory axe handles for this axe.

Please Note: It is not unusual for the axeheads on traditionally-mounted axes to loosen with use over time. Should your axehead need to be re-seated or remounted you simply need to hold the head in a vise while striking the wider end of the wooden haft with a rubber mallet to drive the head into the tapered haft to re-seat the axehead.

The axe was a versatile and popular weapon for Vikings and even the poorest of warriors could afford to have a solid fighting axe and many wealthier fighters even preferred them over other weapons. They were more affordable to create than swords for less iron was needed for their creation, and they were also easier to create for a axe head does not need to be so precisely tempered to ensure that it can bend, flex and return true; an axehead simply needs to be hardened just short of becoming brittle.

Axes made for war are thinner than the heavy axes made for felling trees to reduce unnecessary weight and to create a well-balanced and swift-striking fighting weapon with a quick recovery. This change in design makes them unsuitable for lumbering, but optimized for cutting down men over trees. This bearded axe is such an example and has a profile intended for warfare and it can double as a tool for lighter camp work, particularly with its flattened hammer end. The strike of an axe is quite impactful, for the curved edge of the blade concentrates the force of the blow onto a single, small point - a distinct advantage over a flat-bladed axe.

In skilled hands an axe could be a very handy weapon; they readily fit behind a shield and a cunning Viking could enter a fight with his shield hand gripping both the shield bar and a hidden axe ready to lunge into action should he become disarmed or spring a surprise upon the foe.

Overall Length: 19'' Blade: 4 3/8''
1 lb 6.6 oz

Add Sharpening $10 (Adds Approx. 2 Weeks to Ship Time)

Retail Price: $45.00
No Munitions Grade models currently available.

Viking Bearded AxeViking Bearded AxeViking Bearded Axe
Viking Bearded AxeViking Bearded Axe
Viking Bearded Axe

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