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Venetian War Hammer - AH4131

Venetian War Hammer

Overall Length: 53 7/8''
Length of head from hammer to back spike: 6 1/4''
Length of top spike: 5 7/8''
Retail Price:$154.00

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3 lb 9.4 oz

This Venetian War Hammer is purpose-built to be a armor-pounding can-opener. Polearms such as this were becoming a dominating weapon on the late medieval battlefield and would be used by dismounted knights and professional men-at-arms alike. Not just for battle, blunted versions were used in tournaments. Poleaxes and Polehammers were also popular weapons for trial-by-combat. On the field, an advancing column of heavily-armored Italian foot soldiery armed with these polehammers would have been a daunting prospect to face. Every facet of the head and even the butt of the haft presents an armor puncturing spike.

The main weapon though is the four-pronged hammer head, divided into spikes so as to transfer the force of the strike onto four small points for maximum shock. A dazed opponent could then be finished for good measure with the long, wickedly-curved crows-beak pick. Should combating men be forced together too tightly to swing these polearms for full effect, a choked-up grip beneath the head still presents a lethal array of points that can effectively be used in shoulder-to-shoulder melee - right up and into the faces of the foe.

This Venetian Warhammer by Deepeeka has a head, langets and handle cap of steel. It has been riveted to a stained wooden haft. The spikes of the head are blunted.

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