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Iron Tiger Forge Battle Ready
Iron Tiger Forge Tang Dynasty Dao with Red and Black folded steel blade - BC0810_RD

Iron Tiger Forge Tang Dynasty Dao with Red and Black folded steel blade

Please note: Demonstrations in these videos may represent torture tests under ideal conditions and do not imply a sword will handle this type of activity consistently. Swords should only be used to cut approved materials, and proper training should be sought before partaking in this dangerous activity.
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Overall Length: 32 1/4'' Blade: 23 1/4''

No Longer Available
Blade:†1045 & 1065 Folded High Carbon Steel
Weight:†2 lb 0.8 oz
Edge:† Moderately Sharp
P.O.B.:†4 1/8''
Thickness:†5.8 mm - 3.3 mm
Width:†32.1 mm
Grip Length:†7 1/8''

Blemished Version Available at bottom of page.

As if giving homage to war itself, this Tang Dynasty Dao has a folded blade of two colored steels in hues of rippled red and charred black - an appearance akin to blood mixing into the mud of the earth. The blade surface was treated to display the two folded steels to impart it with boldly contrasting colors.

Forged in the city of Longquan, a region with a heritage of creating swords dating to the Song Dynasty, this blade has over 3,800 internal folded layers created by the melding of 1045 and 1065 steel. This technique of folding steel was well-known and widespread in Chinaís history; for they understood that when working with iron laden with impurities it was imperative to fold the steel to both reduce these impure elements and to simultaneously create a blade composed of two or more steels with varying properties of hardness of flexibility.

By merging together separate steels, a blade could be made that merged the desired properties of a hard, but inflexible steel, with a softer, but flexing steel to create a sword that was a compromise between these steels.

Today, consistently high quality steels created by factory processes have made the properties of folding steel a redundant process, but the aesthetic beauty and traditional heritage of folded steel cannot be replicated or dismissed by standard steels.

The guard and pommel of this sword are handcrafted from brass and the grip is of dark wood. The sword has a detachable tassel of woven cord with a talisman of pearl-hued jade. The blade scabbard is carved from dark wood with fittings of antiqued brass and a hanging cord.

The sword comes with a silk sword bag, a sword maintenance kit and white gloves to prevent hand oils from rusting the blade when being handled. All are fitted within a wooden gift box. The box itself has a silk bag to fit within.

The single-edged Dao with its thick spine and single, long-beveled edge supplanted the double-edged Jian in popularity by the time of the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D. - 907 A.D.).

There is a reason the blade resembles a straight-edged katana - Much of Japanís early sword development was highly influenced by Tang Dynasty smiths who hailed from China and Korea. Their swordsmithing skills were in high demand and in those days the Japanese considered blades from the continent to be superior to their own; thus a lord who could afford to house these traveling smiths to gain a military edge would do so.

Though Japan clearly learned from these continental craftsmen to create their own high quality swords, many of the great Japanese swordsmiths by even the 12th century would still cite the fabled Chinese smith Ganjiang as the original font of their knowledge and skill.

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