Bronze Raven Skull Pendant - BHJ91

Bronze Raven Skull Pendant


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‘’Hugin and Munin fly each day
Over the spacious Earth.
I fear for Hugin, that he come not back
yet more anxious am I for Munin.’’
---- Odin, the Poetic Edda poem Grímnismál

Hugin and Munin, ‘’Thought'' and ''Mind’’ - these are the two ravens that sit upon the shoulders of Odin. At every dawn the ravens fly forth to all corners of the nine worlds and every day they return to Odin at his supper, and tell him of events far and abroad. Though Odin may be one-eyed, he sees and perceives more than all others.

The Ravens are particularly drawn to the sound of sword against shield and the faraway glimmer of flashing steel, and they arrive soon after the battle, to land among the dead and discover the names of the fallen for Odin. In some tales, the Raven’s are Odin’s messengers, appearing at decisive moments as signs to those in need of a moment of his guidance. In some stories, Odin grants the Ravens the ability to speak, which is interesting because ravens can mimic words in the manner of a parrot. In some translations, Muninn is thought to mean ‘’Desire’’ instead of ‘’Mind’’.

Though the representation of Ravens features in Scandinavian lore, there are many cultures that also give great import to the mysterious and intelligent raven. The Greeks associated it with prophecy and in the Pacific Northwest, the Raven was a creator of the world.

This Raven skull pendant is crafted from bronze and comes with a simple leather neck thong.

1.5'' Long
0.6 oz
0.6 oz

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