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Dynasty Forge - Daimyo Tamahagane Katana - Silver Chrysanthemum Theme - DF060

Dynasty Forge - Daimyo Tamahagane Katana - Silver Chrysanthemum Theme

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Overall Length: 40 3/4'' Blade: 29 1/2''
Retail Price:$2,500.00

Special - $2,000.00 - Special

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Blade: Tamahagane Steel
Weight: 2 lb 7.4 oz
Edge:  Very Sharp
P.O.B.: 6''
Thickness: 6.6 mm - 5 mm
Width: 32.8 mm
Grip Length: 10''
Pommel: N/A

From Dynasty Forge’s premium Daimyo Class comes this katana with a blade of folded Tamahagane steel set into a hilt with silver detailed fittings. The Tamahagane steel was smelted from iron sands and folded in the traditional manner to create its visible Hada - a patterning akin to wood grain on the blade when inspected closely. The vibrant and highly visual hamon was created when the blade was differentially tempered in the traditional clay method to create a hard, crystalline steel edge and a softer, shock absorbing body and spine.

The Imperial chrysanthemum tsuba is well-crafted from iron and the seppa and habaki are silver and the fuchi and kashira hilt fittings are detailed in silver. The wood tsuka has panels of genuine rayskin and is finished with a tight and binding wrap of black silk over silvered menuki. The wooden saya scabbard is finished with glossy black lacquer and has a black sageo cord and a silvered tip.

The Tamahagane used to create the sword is made from iron sand and traditional Japanese smiths smelted Tamahagane by heating this iron sand in clay tub kilns with carbon. When completed the clay was broken apart and discarded, leaving blooms of iron of varying carbon content. With these blooms the swordsmith could combine and create the billet for the sword in a variety of configurations and laminations.

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