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Medieval Spiked Club - LB25361

Medieval Spiked Club

Overall Length: 40 3/4'' Spike Length: 8''
Retail Price:$49.95

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1 lb 13.2 oz

This spike-topped club is made from robust teak wood and is capped with a steel spike and socket which is dual-pinned into position for a secure mounting.

When the frustration and fury of the lower classes boiled over into a fiefdom-wide revolt all manner of improvised weaponry would be quickly made or found by the common folk. Farming tools could be modified into polearms and simple cleavers and crude clubs could be fashioned in short order. A stout club with a long spike, such as the one available here, would be a quickly crafted and deadly implement for dealing with one’s better armored betters. Similar in form to one of the smaller types of Flemish Goedendag, it can both bludgeon and puncture.

The humble club was always a widely available choice for a tool of revolt, but their usefulness is greatly diminished when facing the improved armors of the later medieval period. The addition of a quadrangular armor-piercing spike gives the wielder of this club the ability to penetrate the weaker points of an armored harness of a dazed or injured opponent. This is the type of weapon that would be used within a mob among an array of weapons, both long and short to best offset each others strengths and weaknesses against less numerous foes - for what the peasants lack in martial skill may be offset with numbers.

Though this spiked club is a simple weapon, it can still get the job done, whether within the midst of a revolt or in an ambush of well-heeled wayfarers by brigands who can then upgrade to fancier weapons after felling their first mark.

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