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12th to 14th Century Medieval Mace - LB60699

12th to 14th Century Medieval Mace

Overall Length: 24 5/8'' Mace Head Length: 3''
Retail Price:$79.80

In Stock!
EN45 High Carbon Steel
1 lb 9.6 oz

This multi-faceted medieval mace has a head of carbon steel which is sturdily mounted onto a hardwood haft and reinforced with a pair of steel pins. Robustly crafted, its many-faceted head of pyramidal flanges ensures that powerful and concussive blow with concentrated force connects with the target at almost any angle of attack.

This replica Medieval Mace recreates a form common across the European continent from the 12th - 14th centuries. The mace strikes a fine balance between heft and agility by balancing a weighted steel head against a haft of hardwood. The head has enough mass to strike a solid blow and the force of a strike is optimized with its pyramidal flanges which concentrate the force of a concussive impact onto a small and focused point. A hardwood haft gives it a durable handhold without incurring the great weight which comes with many steel-hafted designs. It is an eminently practical and deadly design.

Please Note: Although durably constructed this mace replicates original examples and these originals were designed for combat. It is not designed for striking dense, solid and unyielding targets such as trees, concrete roads, cinder blocks etc. Using this mace against such dense targets may exceed the physical properties of the mace and its wooden haft and such use runs the risk of damaging the mace. This is considered abuse of the item.

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