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Rudder Bows - Heavy English Longbow / Warbow - Tri-Laminated, Bamboo Backed - RBE013

Rudder Bows - Heavy English Longbow / Warbow - Tri-Laminated, Bamboo Backed

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Created by Rudder Bows Archery, this Heavy English Longbow / Warbow has a tri-laminated construction. It has a backing of Bamboo, a mid-section of Fastflex Bamboo, and a belly of Hickory. This warbow follows the designated 5/8 rule for historical longbows. It is suitable for target, hunting and reenactment shooting. The bow wood is treated with a clear, polyurethane finish. Draw weight is measured at a draw length of 32’’

This ambidextrous bow works equally well for right or left-handed archery and has arrow-strike plates of a contrasting wood on both sides of the bow. These protect the bow from the chafe of the arrow as it leaves the bow. The grip is wrapped in brown vinyl and it comes with a bowstring and a bow stringer.

Available in Draw Weights from 70# - 130#. Draw Weight measured at a 32'' pull and the bow can safely be drawn to 33''.

Although the longbow was initially mastered by the Welsh, the kings of England had the foresight to recognize the value of a ready pool of trained archers with war bows and they aggressively encouraged their subjects to master the longbow. Richard II decreed Sunday bow practice and community competitions after church and succeeding English monarchs reinforced the practice. Henry VIII created extensive laws designed to keep Archery a favored sport, while actively decrying the newer fad of football, which was discouraged on the pretense that it ‘’was considered to entice vile and loutish behaviour.’’

Men and boys, aged 7 to 70 were required to practice their archery, so they started to develop skills and upper body strength from an early age. When the King levied archers for war, the best archers from each community were formed into regiments so that when the English took the field against France in the Hundred Years War, they brought the best bowmen England had to offer.

No mere peasant levies, these longbowmen were a respected and well-equipped elite force capable of shooting 10 to 15 arrows a minute. At Crecy and Agincourt, the English longbowmen sent iron-tipped rain into French ranks, decimating their renowned chivalric knights and men at arms. A longbow-dependent army was inherently defensive, as it required baiting the foe into a hasty attack for maximum effect - a tactic that worked wonders on the Chivalry-soaked culture among the medieval French nobility. Their impetuous chivalric idealism spurred them on, heedless of danger and eager to have their names known for a valorous deed. This cavalier attitude resulted in some of the era’s most lopsided and jaw dropping defeats as the Chivalric ideals fell apart under calculated arrow fire from the often more organized and restrained English.

A great insight into the construction and specifications of longbows come from the wreck of the Mary Rose, once the flagship of Henry VIII. A total of 172 longbows were excavated from the wreck of the Mary Rose and they are estimated to have a draw weight of 150-160 pounds. This seems an incredible, almost impossible draw weight to those with a passing familiarity with archery. However, some of the remains believed to belong to the company of archers aboard the Mary Rose have been examined and their skeletons have enlarged bones of greater density - evidence not only of enlarged musculature, but of the entire upper body being broken down and built back up, stronger and larger from repeated heavy stresses. Today there are a handful of English and Dutch archers who have practiced with heavy longbows from an early age, and today possess the reinforced upper bodies allowing them to draw and shoot these heavy poundage bows.

RudderBows are warranted against defects for a limited time provided that the customer properly care for the bow. The bow comes with instructions on how to properly string and maintain the bow as well as the details of the warranty.

Handmade item - Overall Length will vary, but will be approximately 76''

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