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BRNH Chainmail Roman Lorica Hamata - Butted High Tensile Wire Rings - SNC296N

BRNH Chainmail Roman Lorica Hamata - Butted High Tensile Wire Rings

Construction: Butted
Ring Type: Round High Tensile Wire
Ring Size: 9mm - 16 gauge
Finish: Natural

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This Roman Lorica Hamata is constructed from thousands of butted high tensile wire rings. The rings measure 9 mm in diameter and are 16 gauge in thickness. The chainmail shoulder doublet panels are framed in stitched leather and finished with a brass chest closure hook.

While the plate-like armor of the Lorica Segmentata is the iconic armor of the Imperial Roman Legionary, the Lorica Hamata was actually the armor that was most familiar to the armies of Rome throughout the entirety of Roman history. It was commonly worn in the Republic and the Late Roman Empire and at the apex of Rome’s Imperial period it would co-exist alongside the Segmentata where it was the common defense for Auxiliaries, though a substantial amount of Legionaries wore it as well.

The use of Segmentata waned heavily in the 4th Century and the Hamata then dominated until the end of the Empire.

IMPORTANT SIZING TIP: To accurately measure whether you will comfortably fit into this coat of mail it is necessary to first wear the clothing or padded gambeson that you intend to wear beneath the chainmail. Then measure your chest size over these additional layers. This way the additional width of your chest with these accumulated layers is accounted for when determining if the mail will fit properly.

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