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The katana is the quintessential Japanese sword. First introduced in the Muromachi period (1392–1573) this sword type evolved from the earlier Tachi and is closely associated with the Samurai of feudal Japan. The katana continued to be carried by Japanese soldiers up through World War Two.
The Wakizashi is the traditional companion piece to the Samurai Katana, the set making up a Daisho. Shorter than the Katana, the Wakizashi was kept on the Samurai's person at all times. Many of our Wakizashi are made as companion pieces to existing Katana.
Iaito are essentially unsharpened katana. They are used for training and can sometimes work for light stage combat. Iaito can be available in various materials including aluminum, stainless or carbon steel.
Ko Katana
"Ko Katana" basically means "Short Sword". The Ko Katana or Chisa Katana is shorter than a standard Katana but longer than a Wakizashi.
O Katana, Nodachi & Odachi
O Katana basically means large sword, and true to the Name, O Katana are longer than standard Katana. In this section you will also find the Japanese great swords. The Odachi "Large Sword" and the Nodachi "Field Sword". These huge swords were used by foot soldiers as anti-cavalry weapons.
Shirasaya & Shikomizue
The so called stick swords. A Shirasaya or White Saya is a katana blade in an unfinished wood housing, traditionally used to transport unmounted blades, but aslo used as a type of conceled sword, while the straight bladed Shikomizue "prepared cane" was made famous by the fictional Blind warrior Zatoichi

Similar to a katana, but shorter and straight bladed the sword of the ninja is designed for easier concealment.
The Tanto or Japanese dagger is not a traditional component of the Katana / Wakizashi set or "Daisho", however, many of the Tanto available do match these sets and make a wonderful addition.
Other Japanese Sword
Other Japanese Swords that do not fit in the categories above.
Bokken & Shinai
Boken are wooden swords used for safe katana training. Shinai are bamboo swords used in Kendo.
Katana Parts
Parts for repair, customization or creation of your own unique katana.
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